Dating two tier affiliate program

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We value our affiliates as business partners and want to reward you for networking with your associates and bringing additional affiliates onboard.

We can then determine which affiliate referred the caller based on the coupon code we receive, and their account is credited.International publishers OK, but they only want US and Canadian traffic. Offers accounts for trading stocks, bonds, commodities, forex, and similar items. They will terminate publishers who don't generate at least one signup for 90 days.Pay Pal - While they are best known for person-to-person payments, their referral program is oriented to signing up merchants for business accounts to accept credit cards online. Based in the British Virgin Islands, but international publishers OK.The phone numbers for each city are listed on our web site or you can call our toll free local phone number finder line and it will automatically give the caller the local chat line nearest them AND be tagged with YOUR unique ID code.With Chat Dollars you will earn money 4 different ways!

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