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Iscor, the country’s largest steel producer, and also the biggest consumer of coking coal, actively participated in this programme. In 1957, Iscor obtained the surface rights to six farms, including Grootegeluk.The first townships that were proclaimed in Ellisras were: Ellisras (Proper) - 7 December 1960 Ellisras Extension 1– Ellisras Extension 2–3 November 1971 A major influence on the growth of the farm Waterkloof 502LQ was the decision of Iscor in 1973 to continue with the development of the Grootegeluk Coal Mine.In December 1992 and January 1993, for example, government officials and members of the African National Congress (ANC) met at D'nyala for two more bush conferences.It was after these meetings that the government and the ANC began formally working on the new constitution that would lead to South Africa's first democratic elections in April 1994.These main roads are tarred and are in relatively good condition.The town(s) developed around the central business district (CBD) in a linear form along the R517 road, and also along the main road that leads to Stockpoort.Lephalale is derived from the Setswana meaning "to flow".Late Iron Age cattle posts belonging to the Letsibogo ceramic facies have been found in the area.

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Over the next four years De Klerk returned to the D'nyala seven more times with various officials in order to work out solutions for crises that arose during the negotiation processes.

On 3 March 1982 this mine was in full operation for the first time.

Mokolo Dam (previously known as the Hans Strijdom Dam) was constructed in 1979-1980 on the Mokolo River, near Lephalale.

An industrial area is also slowly developing near Onverwacht, while a heavy industrial zone has been earmarked near the Steenbokpan turnoff.

The locality of the municipal area in relation to the rest of the country ensures that a number of important regional routes transverse the area.

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