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In Wisconsin, a former missionary named Leonard Wheeler designed a durable windmill for pumping water, the Eclipse windmill.

Wheeler set up shop in Beloit just after the Civil War.

It grew to include typewriters, hand trucks, railway velocipedes, pumps, tractors and a variety of warehouse and bulk shipping tools.

أقدم مسلحون حوثيون على اختطاف أربعة مواطنين من أبناء مديرية حزم العدين، شمال غرب محافظة إب.Please Note: To better serve our customers, we have revised this list to include just a few of our former publications. Briggs & Stratton Service & Repair Instructions; Covers general service information of these engines including Ignition, Carburetion, Governing Control & Carburetor Linkage, Governors, Compression, Starters & Charging Systems, Lubrication, Pistons, Rings, Rods, Crankshafts & Cam Gears, Cylinders & Bearing, Synchro-Balance, Tools & General Theories of Operation. The other titles are still available through "Tim's Vintage Toys". Canadian and American cities had branch dealerships, with Fairbanks first coming to Montreal, Canada, in 1876 and later opening a factory there.In the late nineteenth century, business expanded in the Western United States, as did the company's catalog.

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