Who is kari ann peniche dating

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She herself admitted to "doing an extreme amount of cocaine" to "numb" herself, according to the magazine. I think he was doing it as a publicity stunt to promote 'House of Carter,'" she told "Steppin' Out." "I had no intention of marrying him."Six days later the couple called off their engagement.

Other stories from Peniche's past are of a lighter variety, like the time she woke up next to a masturbating Pauly Shore, who then demanded, "kiss my belly! She also briefly dated former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, before accepting his younger brother Aaron's very public marriage proposal. According to the interview, he bought her a pair of ,000 diamond earrings just a few days after meeting her and proposed to her while she was on stage as part of the Playboy Comedy Tour the following night. Professionally, Peniche has begun to move beyond modeling and acting.

"I thought it was great to be dating a doctor," Kari told "Steppin' Out," describing her initial reaction to the man who was ten years her senior.

But the relationship turned terribly violent, according to Kari."In 2005 the Santa Barbara police had to break down my hotel room because I was drowning in blood. Kari also said that months after the beating, she found out that the man had been on heroin.

Kari Ann says the video was stored on the hard drive of her computer, but stolen by Mindy Mc Cready, who was her roommate after the two completed a stint on the TV show "Celebrity Rehab." Kari Ann says she got into an argument with Mc Cready over money and believes the singer took her hard drive when she moved out.

Kari Ann freaked out about certain personal information about her on the hard drive and filed a stolen property report with the LAPD.

"I said yes because I didn't know if he was kidding. In 2008, she showed her clothing line called "Strung Out" at Portland Fashion Week.

From the ages of four to seven years old, Peniche told the magazine she was molested by her next door neighbor in San Diego.

Drew," a VH1 reality show that follows celebrity patients as they undergo detoxification and treatment, which will airs January 2010.

Now, after all of this, Peniche is the other woman in a nudie-video that shows her playfully romping around an apartment with an equally naked Eric Dane and his wife Rebecca Gayheart.

But who exactly is Kari Ann Peniche and how did she wind up in the middle of the latest nudie tape scandal to hit the web?

In 2002, Peniche won the Miss United States Teen pageant and then lost the crown only a short time later for appearing nude in Playboy.

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