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Therefore I leave you with these five in the hopes that one may catch your eye, call out to you in a sexy voice, and persuade you to open its cover. We’ve been working together for over two years on an experience called the 12 Essential Ways To a Love That Lasts, which is a 12-week relationship journey that covers the 12 essential ways to have a Love That Lasts.In his new book, Great Myths of Intimate Relationships: Dating, Sex, and Marriage, Binghamton University psychology professor Matthew D. "People assume that they know how relationships work. "Scientists have learned a lot about intimate relationships - much of it counterintuitive." In Great Myths of Intimate Relationships, Johnson challenges and demystifies many of the misperceptions and stereotypes surrounding attraction, sex, love, internet dating, marriage and heartbreak.It feels like love should be intuitive and not something that can be studied scientifically. For example, he debunked the following: Take the myth that living together before marriage is a good way to determine whether you're with the right person.She and her husband, Brian, have been married for 2 and a half years.In addition to authoring ‘Dating in Marriage,’ she is the owner and creator of Grace Love I wrote this book because I saw a common problem among modern marriages: time. We are not simply wives, but we are also mothers, homemakers, career women, cooks, entrepreneurs, and organizers. as a mom of 3, biz owner, blogger and my husband works full time we have to make time for each other, this book gives us simple but fun date night ideas that brings us closer to each other.When life gets busy, it’s easy to let your marriage fall to the wayside as you focus on what must be done.

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As a sex therapist, I get many books on love, sex and relationships crossing my desk.” Valid question and kind of funny; we sort of agree!Alyssa and I have realized that we haven’t discovered the answers on our own, but through the wisdom and encouragement we’ve received from our mentors and older, married couples that we are privileged enough to know.You want a stronger, more intimate relationship with your spouse, but you are short on time.Or maybe you date your spouse regularly, but date night has become mundane, and you don’t know how to spice it up. She loves her husband deeply and is passionate about building stronger marriage through spending quality time together.

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