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But these are the words that not only justified the use of physical punishment on children for over a thousand years in Christian communities, but ordered it to be used.The words were accepted with but few exceptions; it is only in the last two hundred years that there has been a growing body of opinion that differed.The legality in the 21st century of corporal punishment in various settings differs by jurisdiction.

Merely inflicting pain was seen as an inefficient form of discipline, influencing the subject only for a short period of time and effecting no permanent change in their behaviour.A consequence of this mode of thinking was a reduction in the use of corporal punishment in the 19th century in Europe and North America.In some countries this was encouraged by scandals involving individuals seriously hurt during acts of corporal punishment.Other common methods include flagellation and caning.Official punishment for crime by inflicting pain or injury, including flogging, branding and even mutilation, was practised in most civilizations since ancient times.

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