Updating the 1995 national building code of canada wind pressures

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Exposure Constant z is determined from ASCE 7-10, Table 26.9-1 based on the input Exposure Category.

Gust Effect Factor (G) is explained in ASCE 7-10, Section 26.9.

The Exposure Constants (z, α) are used in conjunction with the formula in Table 27.3-1, Note 2 to calculate the Exposure Coefficient.

Windward Pressure Coefficient (Cp) is calculated per ASCE 7-10, Figure 27.4-1.

This section reports important values that were calculated using the Wind Load Parameters, as well as the height and base elevation of the structure.Length is calculated as the difference between the highest and lowest magnitude Z-Coordinates on the diaphragm.Pressure Coefficient (Cp) is calculated per ASCE 7-10, Figure 27.4-1.If a parapet exists at this level, then information regarding the parapet will be given as well.If this level is sloping then there may also be a section giving the wind face information due to this sloping portion.

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