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In his satire The Caesars, the emperor Julian has Silenus sitting next to the gods to offer up his comments on the various rulers under examination, including Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Augustus, Marcus Aurelius (whom he reveres as a fellow philosopher-king), and Constantine I.

In the Renaissance, a court dwarf posed for the Silenus-like figure astride a tortoise at the entrance to the Boboli Gardens, Florence. In the Percy Jackson series written by Rick Riordan, Silenus is a satyr who serves as a member of the Council of the Cloven Elders.Silenus refers to the satyrs as his children during the play.Silenus may have become a Latin term of abuse around 211 BC, when it is used in Plautus' Rudens to describe Labrax, a treacherous pimp or leno, as "...a pot-bellied old Silenus, bald head, beefy, bushy eyebrows, scowling, twister, god-forsaken criminal".When intoxicated, Silenus was said to possess special knowledge and the power of prophecy.The Phrygian King Midas was eager to learn from Silenus and caught the old man by lacing a fountain from which Silenus often drank.

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