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When you specify this element in your manifest, you are in effect "requesting" this permission for your application.

You can't request this permission at run-time; instead, you have to specify that you need this permission in your manifest, using the element and the exact permission name defined by the provider.The column headers are column names that are stored in the provider.To refer to a row's locale, you refer to its // Queries the user dictionary and returns results m Cursor = get Content Resolver().query( User Dictionary. CONTENT_URI, // The content URI of the words table m Projection, // The columns to return for each row m Selection Clause // Selection criteria m Selection Args, // Selection criteria m Sort Order); // The sort order for the returned rows A content URI is a URI that identifies data in a provider.Typically you work with content providers in one of two scenarios; you may want to implement code to access an exiting content provider in another application, or you may want to create a new content provider in your application to share data with other applications.This topic covers the basics of working with existing content providers.

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