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I can be shy and introverted at times but come out of my shell after just a little while.I do want to let you know that I cannot post my picture on the internet (due to my job) but I will be happy to email you a picture if you are interested.So if I can be of any help in that area please feel free to ask me. I'm a one on one type of gal who just like to keep it simple not complicated by a lot baggage that you may bring with you. My pref is for tall black men who can handle a big gal. You don't have to make a lot of money but at least employed somewhere. I'm a Gemini so a Libra and a Aquarius (air sign) is a very highlighted sign for me to get me to your profile. I think girls are hot but something tells me that im not lesbian and shouldnt be looking at girls.Guys on the other hand are really hot and sexy and love guys with six packs and no hair. I try to be the type of person that puts thought into being curtious to other at all times, but I am still a guy and have the ability to get my foot into my mouth at any moment. and like short girls :) I don't know what that says about my personality, but it sounds like something a gemini would say.... I never ask anyone about their sign because I could careless, but yet I have found a way to menion mine.... Im 5 3ft size 12, blonde hair at mo but change a lot couple of tattoos and lip, nazel and ear piercings.A philly native who works as a freelance barber/hairstylist.I'm a avid bookreader as well as a psychic/tarot reader. Hi my name is Jessica i am a bikini model i am not sure if im lesbian or bi im still not sure.I'm attractive, educated, professional, active and outgoing. TO LET PEOPLE OUT THERE IM A LESBIAN I DONT WANT TO CHAT WITH GUYS. Not Rushing i wanna chat, dirty chat and very much up for webcam :)strraight foward,not bashful,sorta domanant,cry over silly sad situations on tv or movies, but hard hearted most of the time, i am a scorpio and true to the true to the sign.

no, there never is, hot chicks can be found at the hot chick factory direct or at the end of the appliance isle at your favorite dept store. Emperor Mc Lovin I too agree that everyone has a right to their expression, With that said... I think its better to greet with a smile and a polite hello over a scowl and some kind of gangbanger sign. LOL Have a great day all Hug Kiss Whatup everyone I'm looking for a hot bi, lesbian or bicurious girl to chat with, cyber, whatever. Had a lesbian friend that I thought of while pleasing myself and while with some men. My experiences with women have always been shared with my husband.

This is our first time looking for a threesome..... We are looking for a sexy bi lady to join us and draw that crazy lesbian lust out of me ;) Send us a message or chat......

Would love to hear from women who fit my desires ;) xx Love the new id option in chat only thing that does not work if i sign in and chat and then the other member of the couple signs in it does not give them there own id in chat we have two computer and normaly chat in the room at the same time.

I have lightly flirted with Puppy Love in Chat, knowing she was a lesbian (a cute one too Laughing) sometimes I just want to see if i can get her to flirt back - no harm or anything intended.

But, anyway thats why it is done - outside of the obvious mff that would happen.

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