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Before we proceed to the next step, though, two “warnings” and a “caution” are given: Do not talk to anyone else about the problem.“If we tell anyone else about an offending brother before talking to him, we create three problems”: 1.In the months prior to this, some of the young ladies had sought out the help of other staff members to make the sexual exploitation stop.

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Five ways in which we may be guilty of failure are presented: a) if we have failed in similar areas as the offender, b) if we have failed to pray enough, c) if we have failed to be a good example, d) if we have an offensive spirit of pride, or e) if there is a lack of love.These verses are considered by most Christian churches to be the blueprint for addressing personal grievances.But in Gothard’s rendition, many additional qualifiers and stipulations are added. A good report is more than words that are truthful or well-spoken.7) “Going to an offending brother to restore him has been and always will be God’s greatest test of genuine love.” (p. The best way to frame it is to humbly point to a similar area of failure in our own lives.5) The goal is not ultimately telling him he was wrong, but restoring him. if the offender chooses not to be reconciled, choose the correct people to go with you to the offender.

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