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Some of these certainly could imply that masturbation under some circumstances could be sin.

For instance, if masturbation is used as a way to deny sex to your spouse, that would be destructive and go against the 1 Corinthians 7 principles Paul describes.

She was almost naked, wearing a thin, white tank that barely covered her behind. Carlin Ross is the business partner of famed sex educator Betty Dodson. More women filled the room, and we all began to take our seats. Although she has taken a hiatus recently, Betty began doing these workshops in the '70s. Period.) We started out by going around the circle, talking about how we felt about our bodies and our orgasms, and then moved on to some breathing exercises. Like so many other moments during the workshop, it felt tribal and ancient, as if we were gathered in the red tent to be gifted with the wisdom of our sister elder. Having other women look at you, really look at you, is a powerful experience.

" the gorgeous woman standing before me said before flinging her arms around me. Already it seemed perfectly reasonable to be naked with strangers. Before I could really decide, Betty entered the room. Eighty-five years old and she walked in as naked as the rest of us and settled into her back jack as if this scenario were the most common thing in the world, which, to her, it was. It was perhaps one of the most profound moments of my life. I felt happy and safe and, yes, validated and empowered too.

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I followed her back to the vestibule at the entryway of Betty's Madison Avenue apartment, and I slipped out of my yoga pants and tee as she slipped out of her tank. I have a doughnut pussy, she told me as I sat with my knees falling open and my pussy lips spread wide. The method includes vulvar massage, pelvic rocking, focused breathing, a vibrator for the clit and -- most importantly, to my mind -- slow penetration with Betty's Vaginal Barbell.

Betty Dodson, of course, is the author of the insanely bestselling book , and the consummate orgasm and masturbation guru since the '70s. It's an interesting quandary, trying to decide how to sit naked in a room full of strangers. Betty welcomed us and began sharing some of her philosophy about sex and orgasms and vulvas (not vaginas) and bodies. After a few hours we took a short break, and then it was time. At the same time, I simply could not stop smiling to myself and thinking in my head about how nuts this was, all of us naked and peering between the legs of this famed octogenarian. The next day we stripped down and circled up without pause.

You might call her a founding mother of women's sexual liberation. "Come on, let's get undressed," Carlin said, like it was the most normal thing in the world. Betty went first, and then, one by one, we sat next to her and spread our legs as we looked into the mirror with Betty and admired our pussies. "Play is the most important thing when you're little," Betty explained.

Respecting the chat simply means not flooding, spamming or being a general annoyance.

Respecting each other means treat others as you'd like to be treated.

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