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First, I have run HUNDREDS of Bootcamps with THOUSANDS of students all across the globe.

Over the past decade, I have traveled to three continents, 35 cities, ran hundreds of seminars, trained thousands of students face-to-face, and over two-million online.

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Second, There is nobody in the history of pickup that has spent as much time as I have in the field before teaching!

She has provided pop culture commentary for CNN, VH1, Fox News Channel, and ABC, and her writing has been featured in Salon,, Glamour, Budget Travel, and the Chicago Sun-Times.

She also cofounded and continues to run Sirens, an alternative online women’s magazine.‘s Mary Richards and Rhoda Morgenstern, one thing is clear: These ‘70s ladies took far less crap than the Hannahs and Mindys and Jesses of our time.

Third, There is no other RSD instructor that has taken the time and effort to create a personalized, hyper-targeted archetype system to accurately pinpoint your sticking points and blind spots, and fix them ON THE SPOT - QUICKLY and EFFORTLESSLY. Whatever doubt you have running through your head, I’ve figured out how to overcome it.

I am a 10 year veteran in pickup - I am thrilled to see my students not only overcome their challenges, but get real, long-lasting success. I know what it feels like to experience all of the frustration, the confusion, and the struggle… I know the dead ends, traps and the veiled pitfalls that added YEARS to my learning curve.

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