Dating gun owners

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they raved about them - thinking the major shot them. My ex help up the Shotgun (aimed at the ground way out) & Omar stood behind me & to help hold the butt of the shotgun.He told the boys, I want you to start shooting like this.(95 prone / 89 standing - just pulling shots fast). The Shotgun was about 3" taller then me & it had a nice kick. I have a 357 mag.22 hand gun12 guage shotgun20 guage shotgun I have a ruger?In real life, however, not everyone is so progressive of thought.As a 27-year-old young man with a CCW permit, vetting dates has become a secondary talent. I hate to use the word “stereotyping”, but if your lady friend is a fan of Obama and pictures her dream job as being a diplomat at the UN, it’s probably not the wisest approach to take her for a first date to the gun range.

Both family of guns are very durable and long lasting, and are easily the most rugged guns in the world. .you're NRA,did you get your "I will protect your right to keep and bear arms" postcard from Kerry a week before the election too???If you're not using the Wolf or Hungarian made 7.62x39 ammo, then I would suggest you start using them. I think the biggest I have fired is a 300 Win Mag, aside from the .50 black powders I used to fire as a kid. The Mounties and Ranger service don't like us using the plates as their afraid of potentially deadly ricochets, but they've never taken them away from us.The Czech and Hungarian made stuff is crap and it will ruin your gun if you use it extensivley. They use fulminate of mercury and it WILL rust the heck out of your bore. Mostly to just keep the practice up and I enjoy the time I get to spend with my son on the range. lol EVER Seen a woman woken from a dead sleep for no good excuse, or too early inthe morning without time for a coffee??? My next aqquisistion, I hope, is going to be a Soviet PTRS, a WW2 era 14.5 x 114 mm anti-tank gun. I'd love to have a Ruger pistol, an M1 Garand, and finally a Bren Gun....Shot it a 2ed time & nearly died Omar moved the butt just a little by accident & it hit me hard OUCH.. actually two of the best snipers of WW2 were two Russian women. dont know if I spelled that right I love to shoot it quality time with my father.“Burglers should know that if they wear white and run, my aim gets better.”RFLMAO!!!I once brought a woman I was seeing to the range and she outshot so in fact it was actually my skilled guidance that taught her well. Especially if they have white hoods to match.“Have you ever noticed that you shoot better when slighly inebriated?

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