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Iranian women as dancers were highly regarded in China.During the Tang dynasty bars were often attended by Iranian or Sogdian waitresses who performed dances for clients.Women with new-born children also received extra rations for a period of one month.A few experts say that it was Cyrus the Great who twelve centuries before Islam, established the custom of covering women to protect their chastity.According to their theory, the veil passed from the Achaemenids to the Hellenistic Seleucids.They, in turn, handed it to the Byzantines, from whom the Arab conquerors inherited it as hijab, transmitting it over the vast reaches of the Muslim world.The Sassanid princess Purandokht, daughter of Khosrau II, ruled the Persian empire for almost two years before resigning.

Records indicate that some professions were undertaken by both sexes while others were restricted to either male or female workers.Poets like Li Bai flirted and wrote about them in their poems. Some of these blue-eyed and blond-haired Persian and Greek girls danced in bars and clubs in China during this period.He nicknamed her Mei Zhu, which means "Beautiful Sow" (美豬)."..dallying with his palace girls and Persian (波斯) women in the inner apartments, and left the government of his state to the ministers." A family of Iranian descent in China was known for the three polymaths it produced, one of them was a woman.Their ancestors adopted the suname Li when they moved to China.

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