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I'm married to the most wonderful man, Gene Raymond, whom I'm deeply in love with, and, my career is right where I want it to be.

event held at Buttenwieser Hall on Tuesday (March 24) in New York City.

How does it feel to have gotten one of five Best Actor nominations in the season’s most competitive Tony category?

[Cannavale is nominated with Brian Bedford, Joe Mantello, Al Pacino and Mark Rylance.] I’m really proud to be in that group, especially since I’ve gotten to see those four actors give such great performances. I guess it could be [weird], but both of us really wanted to be here.

I can be a leader here.” I hope my enthusiasm rubs off on people!

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Sutton got divorced in 2009 and then later dated actor Bobby Cannavale, who she thanked during her Tony Award acceptance speech in 2011.

[Cannavale co-stars with Paul Giamatti, Amy Ryan and Jeffrey Tambor in the hit indie comedy.] There’s another connection that was made in the theater: [writer/director] Tom Mc Carthy and I met 16 years ago, doing Lanford Wilson’s play Virgil Is Still the Frog Boy, and started a long and fruitful friendship that turned into a great working relationship.

We’ve gotten to work together twice [The Station Agent and Win Win] on movies I’m proud of. I always wanted to have a career that would keep me at home in New York so I can work in the theater all the time and be involved in the creative process from the ground up. I thought I was going to be a gypsy actor, traveling all over the world playing the great roles.

“After my divorce I became someone I wasn’t,” she told the . ‘That didn’t work, so I’m going to try THIS.’ For two years it was crazy town.” “I became a different person during that time.

What really calmed me down, I had one relationship after I got divorced that was substantial.

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