Michelle obama dating barack

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"He complimented them both on their work, on the type of people they were, threw in a tiny bit of humor," Mary Holmgren said.

"He spoke about how their work has been a service to the people and how the two of them complement each other.

He seemed oblivious to her feelings, once remarking that, tempting as it would be to run off with her when he finished his degree in New York, it would mean living ‘in some sense of compromise and retreat’.

Perhaps she appreciated his toe-curlingly pretentious notes on literature, like his observation that T. Elliot’s poem The Waste Land ‘contains the same ecstatic vision which runs from Munzer [a somewhat obscure Reformation theologian] to Yeats’.

"Michelle and I really liked each other, but you know how some high school boys are," he told the magazine."We're not ready to be responsible and we screw up. At that point, I just didn't take my life or my future seriously." "But Michelle knew what she wanted, and after graduation she was off to Princeton. I wished the best for Michelle because she's always been a wonderful person." Mrs Obama's siblings have said that their parents taught them to have high standards.

Time and again, Obama, who has had to fight hard to convince other African Americans of his ‘black credibility’, appears to have burnished his radical credentials, not least by playing up the roles of black people in his life and playing down the roles of the white.

Within four years, he had met Michelle in Chicago and the rest we know.

Obama finally had the partnership he wanted history to record — with a strong black woman, a descendant of slaves who had pushed her way up from humble roots.

The former president stayed to take photos with the family and left before the reception to not distract attention from the newlyweds.

"He stayed around a little bit for pictures with the family, but he did not want to detract from their day," Mary Holmgren said. Everybody who was there was just flabbergasted and amazed at just what a nice person he is." Obama also served as a groomsman for two other Washington staffers last year.

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