Most intimidating movie characters

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Initially, Marvel's most powerful superhero, while typically holding back from expressing his full power among mortals, has no hang-ups on cutting loose on supers, and occassionally slaughtering them. When you meet them, there is a strong chance they will be holding a sword, coated in blood,.... Chaos King\Mikaboshi-Even Nightmare has Nightmares about Mikaboshi. Galactus-Between his size and his planet eating it's hard to really be more intimidating than that. Daredevil-He may not kill you but don't piss him off.

With strength at least equal to a very pissed off Hulk, far greater durability, control over the weather and one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel universe, this guy has struck fear in the heart of many of his opponents.7) Doomsday. He'll make your favorite villain cry or purposely cripple him. Namor-Not only is he strong but his thoughts are often irrational and he lashes out. A purely silver guy on a surfboard is NOT intimidating.

batman is the most intimidating, because you know he wont kill you...

From those early astronauts in Méliès’s Trip To The Moon who got their revenge in first to the awesome avenging power of S. These are the questions Dae-su’s mission of mayhem answers. In a scenario later repeated in ‘70s schlocker The Last House On The Left, the perps unwittingly turn up at Töre’s house looking for lodging and deliver themselves into the hands of the avenger. The bad guys kill Dave Bannion’s (Ford) wife, Jocelyn Brando, in an explosion meant for him.

Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. I can't live with that.” There are movie avengers – like the actual Avengers, for instance – who want to make the world a better and safer place, and then there’s Richard (Considine), a man so hard he killed his own surname.

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