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Italians are casting ballots in an election pollsters say will likely result in a hung parliament.A bid for power by a group led by scandal-ridden former premier Silvio Berlusconi has added spice to the campaign.A new grand coalition of Chancellor Merkel's CDU/CSU and the Social Democrats (SPD) depends on the approval of SPD members.But it's not just about forming a new government — it's about Germany's role in Europe.Germany's Interior Ministry says that at least 950 hate crimes were committed against Muslims or mosques in the country in 2017, a newspaper has reported. At least 36 pro-government fighters have been killed in Ankara's latest offensive maneuvers in northern Syria.Turkish forces have "surrounded" the Kurdish-held enclave of Afrin, according to the country's premier.

The infamous Razzie Awards have been announced, with voters from around the world deciding on the worst movie flops of 2017.

President Donald Trump has threatened a tax on EU cars, escalating the trade conflict triggered by his plans to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Other countries "have taken advantage for years," he tweeted.

It's expensive and anachronistic in these times of streaming services: On Sunday, Switzerland may vote to abolish the license fee for its public broadcaster, which may spell its end. Last December, a German teenager was murdered by her former boyfriend, an Afghan refugee.

The small town of Kandel has seen its streets hijacked by heated demonstrations of Germany's competing ideologies of migration.

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