Validating user interface in top international dating site

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Bear in mind that on a touchscreen device, while you have a "focused" widget, it doesn't play the same role as on a desktop system, and the user isn't going to "tab" off the widget.

This means that as far as possible, your user interface should respond live to the user's actions, not wait for them to do something else (that is, select another widget) before giving them some feedback.

comes with several built-in validation mechanism for input fields (ng Required, ng Pattern etc.) but using an arbitrary validation function requires creation of a custom formatters and / or parsers.

The ui-validate directive makes it easy to use any function(s) defined in scope as a validator function(s).

It'll also allow you to signal that something is wrong without stopping them from using the rest of the form.

They can always come back to the invalid field and correct it.

The image displayed in the Image View can be set, based on whether the input is currently valid or not.

This gives the user a live view of the validation process.

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If they do something that makes a group of widgets invalid, hide the entire group from them or put it on a different screen.

Undesirable input can be anything ranging from text where a number is expected, through to a search term that yields no results.

In both cases, you need to do three things: It means using the correct widget to capture the data.

An application captures input from its user in order for the user to tell it something about the world.

This could be anything, from what the user is looking for (that is, a search term), to something about the users themselves (that is, their age).

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