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There can be many toasts throughout a meal; you will be expected to make one in a small group at some point during the meal, especially if you have been toasted personally or are the guest of honor (always try to say a few words in Russian: it is very much appreciated). If there is gravy or sauce, you can use your bread to soak some of it up. The business lunch or dinner, depending upon how well developed your relationship is with your Russian associates, is generally the time to seal a deal, not to make decisions, negotiate, or get to know each other. Allow the more senior members of your party to enter rooms ahead of you.

The most common toast is na zdrovia (to your health). Do not begin eating until all the guests have received food on their plates and your host invites you to begin; this is usually done by saying, "Pree yat na vah appeteetah". The knife remains in the right hand, and the fork remains in the left. You will be expected to eat all the bread you take throughout the meal: it is considered bad luck, nyetkulturny, and wasteful not to eat all the bread you take. The most honored position is at the head of the table, with the most important guest seated immediately to the right of the host (women to the right of the host, and men to the right of the hostess): if there is a hosting couple, one will be seated at each side of the table. At meals, the oldest or most honored guest is served first. In informal restaurants, you may be required to share a table: if so, do not force conversation; act as if you are seated at a private table. Do not seat yourself, the seating arrangement is usually predetermined.

Dating is part of social relationships, and learning to date tastefully improves your other social relationships. Never show that getting married is foremost on your mind (even if it is).

I do not have the liberty of unlimited pages to write everything I know, so I will try my best to keep them as short as possible. Keep conversations short and always end them first. If you are nervous at a party, hold a drink in your hand always to avoid fidgeting.

I couldn't argue, considering I didn't know who Emily Post was until I Googled her.

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If you really cannot drink, you'll need a very good excuse, like doctor's orders.

Then, you have a number of obnoxious behaviors such as mistreating servers ortrying to be cool by sending wine back even though you're not sure why you did it.

A friend of mine told me that ordering wine by the glass instead of by the bottle is a dealbreaker as well. When you're going out with someone for the first time, don't get too risky with your restaurant choice.

I believe you're supposed to start from the outside and work in.

I'm also guilty of grabbing the wrong water and wine glass at round tables. A friend noticed meeating pieces of bread when we were out to dinner without breaking it into smaller pieces first.

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