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Her lifelong love of reading and storytelling is deeply embedded in every page. Other than that, there was no prearranged runway on which the girls could walk, so everyone created invisible ones wherever they were standing.

She was born in Los Angeles and lives in New York City. Violence was not encouraged nor was it condemned, and some girls' parents insisted on adding martial arts training to their walking lessons in preparation for the big day. Actually, not only were eligible girls walking, but lots of other people were too. Myrracle had staggered a few feet away from the fallen tent and was standing there staring at the melee, eyes bugged, frozen in place.

The Scout's head began to blink, as if warning people that something amazing was about to happen. She tapped a tall, long- haired girl in a plain, dingy cotton dress. I don't have the money to feed her anymore." The Scout nodded and grabbed the sobbing girl's hand, and they both disappeared into a hole in the ground. But as the Scout and the daughter descended into the worn clothes and rotten food within the cart, there was the tiniest look of disappointment on the mother's face.

When you enter the fantastical world of Modelland, you'll see that Tookie was inspired by Tyra’s life as a supermodel. " Tookie urged, holding her sister by her arms and staring into her eyes, trying to spark a connection. "If you sway one more time, you'll get way worse than a little pinch! She reached the end of her catwalk and came face to face with Abigail Goode. Myrracle stuck out her pointy elbows, bumped her hip, and shoved Abigail hard out of the space.

People stepped back from a nearby lamppost that had started to vibrate, staring at it with a mix of wonder and terror. When the girl looked up and saw the Scout, her jaw dropped. A Scout in a dress with rips in all the right places materialized from beneath the decrepit belongings.

Tookie stood on her tiptoes, her heart beating like mad. Then the woman marched to a thin girl with cheekbones so sharp they could slice a melon in half, and tapped her arm. The Scout took her hand, and the bright light of her cranium flashed like lightning. The dress wasn't nearly as fancy as most of the outfits the other girls were wearing, and its front was wet with tears. A pointy- chinned competitor in a poufy- sleeved dress and studded boots pushed to the front. " The plainly dressed girl's mother tugged the Scout's arm. Immediately, all the broken marble flew into the sky, reassembled, and then dropped right back to exactly where it'd been before the disruption. The shopping cart of one of the homeless women flew from her hands and rolled wildly around the square. The cart flipped forward, and old food and tattered clothes spilled to the ground. " With a slight, tired, oh how the old ones always do this roll of her eyes, the Scout touched the daughter's shoulder instead.

The fabric looked as if it were being spontaneously woven by a giant loom.

As she watched, even more of the roof disappeared and reappeared as cloth.

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