Responses to are you dating anyone

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You need go no further than any grocery store magazine aisle to be bombarded with quizzes, horoscopes, and advice on love.We have difficulty envisioning a woman who isn’t driven by romantic aspirations.She is much more likely to prioritize herself above others and go after what she wants. You’re single because you know that you’re confident within yourself and you want to channel that energy into achieving other goals.

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If she’s not in a relationship, it must be her fault.No effort means no husband (which is exactly what you should be looking for)!I guess it’s true that you have to date around a little bit if you want to find a partner.You the rest of your life to find a partner – if that’s what you want.Further, there’s no shame in finding fulfillment in other things. Things like agency and self-awareness and autonomous desires and boundaries and assertiveness keep getting in the way of fulfilling my one true destiny as a woman – finding someone, any one, with whom to be in a partnership (regardless of how they treat me or how I feel about them). Nothing boosts a girl’s self-esteem like telling her she should aim lower to have any hope of finding someone who wants to be with her!

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