Updating millions of records in oracle

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However, if the concerned table has records numbering in the millions, then the updates need to be revisited and the database settings for undo segments and temporary tablespace sizes need to be considered.A huge DML/DDL activity would take lot of time and would result in space usage problems and heavy resource utilization, hence such batch processing is normally scheduled in off peak hours.I reasoned that, because the index data are physically stored in a way that depends on the values, changing the values could involve a lot of physical restructuring on disk.Updating the values in the table, on the other hand, probably would not involve much restructuring of the table data, if the storage requirements of the new values were similar to those of the old ones, which they were.The method I am about to show you is not for all scenarios, but it can be very handy.I do not know how many Oracle guys are reading this, but I have one question for you, “can your RDMS move 10 millions rows of data in There you have.The above statement took about 30-35 minutes to execute on my system (excluding statistics generation) with properly sized undo segments.

Disadvantage: Initial groundwork required for running the updates, explicit coding is required if the updates are to be run in parallel.Here Oracle not only creates the column but also updates it with the default value; this will generate redo/undo information.Most often, such statements on massive tables will either hang or abort with an error.Databases are often taxed by applying SQL statements to enormous tables.One such activity is when we add a new NOT NULL column with default value in a huge transaction table. I will discuss here, the addition of a new column with default value specifically; however, the methods discussed below can be used for other kinds of batch processing also.

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