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Bermuda a group of tiny islands in a turquoise sea is calling you...

to an interlude of enchantment, an adventure with beauty...

He joined the British Foreign Service in 1948 and, with his Cairo-born wife (Frances was the daughter of a British army officer), began the diplomatic travels that took them from Berlin—where the youngest of their three children was born—to the United Nations.

Young Peter was sent to the right schools: Eton, followed by Magdalen College, Oxford.He recalls his father visiting him at the university and saying, “Peter, now you must decide what you’re going to do.” The son’s instant response: “I’d like to retire.” His father “didn’t think it very funny,” Ramsbotham admits, “but it was in fact what I thought at the time.I had nothing in mind other than the blissful existence at Magdalen.” Two events shattered his student reveries.He landed at Normandy and also saw service in Belgium and Germany before V-E day.Ramsbotham came out of the war a lieutenant colonel with the French Croix de Guerre.

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