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If Liam Neeson had never made the movie "Taken" I reckon people would watch "Taken Heart" and think solid but not overly memorable movie about a tough single mum doing what is necessary to rescue her kidnapped daughter from a trafficking organization in a foreign country.But of course Liam Neeson did make the movie "Taken" and sadly "Taken Heart" and a few other similar movies have followed and been weak in comparison.What this all boils down to is that it is incredibly hard to be excited by "Taken Heart" as it only ends up an inferior "Taken" copy.Truth be told if it wasn't for Gina Holden "Taken Heart" would struggle to get your attention let alone keep it.

When her daughter, Nina, goes to Punta Dia in Belize to help with the local orphanage, she is kidnapped by the cartel organization “La Muerte Roja”.As such, when Nina is kidnapped by the cartel organization "La Muerte Roja", Kate takes matters into her own hands to try and rescue her daughter.Discovering how much power the Cartel has over the area Kate joins forces with ex-marine Francisco Orizaga (Raffaello Degruttola) to find out where they have taken Nina before she ends up the next victim of the Cartel's rumoured organ trafficking business.var PLVIP = ; PLVIP.trigger = Element By Id('tpm-trigger'); PLVIP.There are major changes in configuration and instrumentation in ASP.

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