Updating sky epg

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This process takes time as essentially it performs several actions that combined provide a form of integrity check.

These actions require all processes to be stopped so perform a rebuild only when you have no recordings happening now or within the next 20 minutes.

Do this often otherwise you will be sat there for ages deleting the contents as each deletion is a slow and tedious process.

To delete the contents of your deleted folder: Your box has a section of the hard drive marked as available to you for storing recordings and downloaded programs.

The housekeeping function routinely removes any recording in the deleted folder that has been there for 60 days or longer.

If the unused space equals zero then the housekeeping function needs to free up space, which it does in the following order: As you record and delete programs your hard drive will become fragmented.

The following is a guide for anyone that owns a SKY HD box who would like to maintain it themselves.

Especially those of you with a box no longer under warantee wishing to avoid having to contact SKY or pay for an engineer.

At this point you'll be reaching for the phone to call SKY or logging on to to raise a ticket.Over time your SKY box may develop a problem or a background update may have failed leaving your box still functioning but with 'glitches' such as any one or more of the following: Nine out of ten times the reason for any of the above is a software fault.If you think about it there are a myriad of different SKY boxes out there all at different software versions and SKY has to push firmware updates out to all of them and those updates must work otherwise the volume of support calls will increase.This guide mainly applies to the DRX890 and DRX895 boxes as these are the only SKY HD boxes that Sky still support, but some of the tips below will work for older boxes. The SKY HD boxes are essentially a mini PC in-a-box with an internal hard drive, a TV output, input via a small control panel or remote control, and a network card in the form of an ethernet connector or built-in or attachable wifi device.SKY supply the software or 'operating system' (known as the EPG) that runs on each box.

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