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Even the idea of a friend dating your ex can give you all sorts of odd feelings, and that becoming a reality can make for very uncomfortable conversations and broken friendships.

Digging a bit deeper, this guy you’re interested in has a pretty big advantage, since he was the “good” guy when you were going through your breakup.

Growing up, I was always my friends’ chubby friend. Looking back on it, I think men’s response of just disgust and general annoyance if I ever seemed interested in them has totally influenced the guard I put up as an adult.

On more than one occasion, I was told that my friends were hot — without any hint of interest in me.

Anyway, that all sucked, but I survived, and then in college I lost weight.

The world may see me differently now, but I still struggle, too.

“Now more than ever we need to be good and kind to each other and not judge each other,” she adds.

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As the pal dating the ex, you’re the first person responsible for maintaining the friendship — so the burden of breaking the news is on you, and it must be done respectfully.It is going to take a lot of understanding in terms of how your ex feels about you and how strong his friendship is with the guy you’re interested in.But there are a few points you should consider: First and foremost, your ex doesn’t really get a say in terms of who you can and can’t date.SO a few months ago my boyfriend of two years and I split… We are friends now, but there is still some clear tension between us.MEANWHILE, I have started showing interest in a mutual friend of ours.

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