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, the world couldn’t get enough of this comedic duo.

While their chemistry and close friendship — and a brief dating interlude — fed the flames of a Kaling-Novak couple fandom so fervent that it helped land the pair a joint book deal from Penguin, both staunchly deny that their relationship will develop into a romance.

A romantic relationship is usually accompanied by feelings of love, sexual chemistry and deep compassionate feelings.

The couple has probably spent extended time together as this type of relationship evolves.

James, in his middle 30s, was ready to meet his life partner, get married and have children. "She is really beautiful, although I'm not sure she's my type. We have the same interests, the same values, we go to the same church, and we both want children. " "Why not spend a little more time with her and see how you feel?

My friends who meet her think she's dynamite." "But…? " It became apparent within a few months that the spark was not going to grow and the conversation was not going to flow. "James, it doesn't seem that this relationship is going to become what you want it to be.

Some couples in their 20's are only looking for a companion, while other's well into their 80's have been known to be sexually active.

We’ve rounded up the top 10 reasons why we ship Kaling and Novak for life below.

They always take the best selfies together: A useful tenet to the foundation of modern love?

The ability to take a good selfie — or alternately, the ability to oblige your nearest and dearest with a selfie. Despite not dating, they do lots of fun, date-like activities together: While being full-time actors/writers/funny people seems like it could be exhausting, Kaling and Novak seem to make plenty of time to have fun.

They are not only close friends and companions, but they love each other and want to spend their lives together. Many couples who deeply love each other may offer each other physical affection without the act of having sex.

Being romantic, hand-holding, kissing, hugging and snuggling are all part of showing love on a physical level.

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